Curtains are always a good choice to bring warmth and elegance to a room.  Mary Clarke’s made-to-measure curtains can be lined, interlined, blackout lined or blackout interlined depending on your requirements.

Curtain heading choice

The type of heading is very important as it needs to match the style of the room.

•   Pencil, triple and double pleat are very popular and are a classical look.

•   Eyelet and cartridge heading are a more contemporary style.

•   Goblet is a good choice for a dining room.

•   Box pleat or inverted pleat give a very formal look.

Mary can advise you on fabric choices.

Curtain poles and tracks

Mary supplies poles and tracks on which to hang your curtains, and works with a reliable fitter who will fit the poles and tracks.  Ensuring you get the right track or pole to take the weight of heavy curtains is very important.  Spending money on good quality poles is important.


  • "We are both really pleased with the curtains and think they look fantastic!  We took the plastic off last night and they fall beautifully and really make a difference to the room by making it much warmer and softer."
  • "I love the curtains and I again thank you for the quality.  Although you never seem short of orders, I have told anyone who wants to listen at the tennis club what a great job you have done!"
  • "Just a note to say I am thrilled with the curtains – thank you so much."