Roller Blinds

•  Roller blinds are made from a single piece of stiffened fabric.

•  They can be made from a fabric you choose or Mary has books of fabrics especially for roller blinds.

•  They can be made to the exact size of your window.

•  Translucent blinds are a very popular alternative to sheer/voiles/nets.

Venetian Blinds

•  They look good in a traditional or a modern house.

•  They can be made up in aluminium or wood.

•  The slats can be set to any angle to control the light in the room.

•  The aluminium comes in several colours and the wooden blinds are available in neutral tones, or natural shades of wood.

Vertical Blinds

•  These blinds were originally used in offices but with the wide range of fabrics available they can give a contemporary feel to a room.

•  They are also good for controlling light levels.

•  They are a great solution if you haven’t got a lot space.  One of their best features is that they can fully open to both sides or to just one side of the window.

Pleated Blinds

•  Are mostly fitted on conservatory roofs and windows.

•  They come in several different colours.

•  The original styles (still available) were fitted with tension cords.

•  Recent styles come in a frame and slide up and down in the channels at the side.

Sliding Panels

•  These consist of flat panels that overlap.

•  They can open back to both sides of the window or just one side.

•  They give a very contemporary look to a room.

  • "Just a short note to say we are very pleased with the blinds and curtains, they look great and thank you for doing them so quickly."
    M.N. Watford
  • "Thank you for the curtains and blinds, they are beautiful."
  • "The valence looks lovely. Your curtains are the nicest and best we have ever had."