Soft Furnishings by Mary Clarke

Soft Furnishings by Mary Clarke offers a personal professional service making curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.  Mary provides a high quality standard of work, using up-to-date fabrics and accessories.


Mary began her business in 2002 having trained at Merrick and Day, the curtain and blind makers.  Soft Furnishings by Mary Clarke developed into a full time business in 2005.  Mary is based in Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, but can cover a wide area of the UK.

Mary loves fabrics, and she enjoys working with her customers to complete their rooms with her made-to-measure curtains and blinds.  She also specialises in making tie-backs, pelmets and cushions and is happy to make adjustments to existing curtains or blinds, especially if items are to be re-used in another house.  Mary works with a fitter who assists with fitting poles and blinds.

  • "Thank you for the curtains and blinds, they are beautiful."
  • "Mary – the curtains look great.  You should be proud of them."
  • "We are both really pleased with the curtains and think they look fantastic!  We took the plastic off last night and they fall beautifully and really make a difference to the room by making it much warmer and softer."